Working with Heather has given me profound insight into my values, behaviours and beliefs through an open and honest dialogue which was both cathartic and enlightening. I now have an awareness of my limiting behaviours and a clarity about my ultimate potential as a human being.

Manager, Global Pharmaceuticals

Coaching with Geof really helped both my professional and personal development.  Through insightful and challenging – but enjoyable! – conversation, Geof helped open my eyes to what I wanted to achieve, who I wanted to be, and how I could work towards that in small achievable steps. I really looked forward to our sessions, and couldn’t recommend him enough to help you maximise your potential.

Programme Manager, Local Authority

By asking insightful questions and listening deeply, Heather helped me to uncover some truths about myself that have really shifted the way I think about my work and my life more broadly. It was such a refreshing process that felt both safe and challenging.

Communications Strategist

I found working with Geof greatly beneficial but also challenging at the same time. His style was excellent in making me ask important questions about how I wanted to be as a leader, and helped me challenge myself to become a better person/leader in various roles in life. There are still many aspects that we worked on together that I still try to utilise in my role at work and in my personal life. I would recommend working with Geof for anyone wanting to better themselves in work or in life in general.


I contacted Heather in tough times when I was desperately trying to find a way out of a crisis. Working with her helped me to understand the issue and to discover my powerful internal resources that enabled me to flip it over, draw a line under the past and step up to the future.

Senior Executive, Global Consumer Goods

Having recently taken on a demanding promotion that required careful leadership skills, my sessions with Geof quickly became important chances for me to reflect. He provided me with a careful balance of support, challenge and insightful questioning and helped me to develop a greater understanding of myself and my communication choices. Geof is inspiring, connected to the world around him, driven to make a difference and passionate about bringing the best out of people. His style is highly relevant to all personality types and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for personal or professional coaching.

Chief Executive, Sports and Recreation

The work we’ve done has been tremendously helpful – whilst I’ve seen an immediate impact in how I handle meetings, I believe it will lead to dramatic change over time. Coaching is far more powerful than just “window dressing” techniques for managing conversations or organising your calendar, it’s really about changing the way you think.

Global Head of Service, Investment Bank

Heather has a remarkable ability to adapt to the client’s needs and working style, whilst retaining full integrity, and an eye firmly on the end goals. She has a very abundant ‘toolbox’ that equipped me to undertake both small and mighty aims.

Independent Insight Professional

The impact of the coaching sessions has been immeasurable. I’ve learnt a huge amount about why I react in certain ways, why I find certain things challenging, and what I need to thrive in the future. Even in the short time we’ve worked together I have dealt with difficult situations in a more considered way. It has given me confidence to go forwards with resilience and direction.

Performance Innovation Consultant, Olympic Sport

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  • My second session with Geof was incredible just as the first one.
    He asks questions that will trigger the right answers for yourself. I felt fulfilled after the session and his suggestions and shared ideas gave me a the confidence I needed to make my career path the right path.

    Thanks so much for this gift and I promise to give back to others in any other way that is appropriate.

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