gift based coaching

open-hearted presence

We believe that coaching helps people free their potential.
We want that for you, whatever your resources.
We offer online coaching as a gift.
We invite you to pay what you feel in return.

Gift Based Coaching is..

an experiment in trust and value

Why should coaching only be available to those who can afford it?

Why should coaching obey the same economic system that fails to feed the world’s hungry or to protect our planet?

We want to try something different by offering online coaching as a gift, and inviting our coachees to make a gift in return based on what they can afford and the value they got from spending time with us.

We don’t want the financial element to influence our work, which is why we don’t ask you to pay up front.

Coaching is…

a thinking partnership

A space to think in new ways and ignite your inner wisdom.

An opportunity to imagine the person you want to become and the patterns of thinking and behaviour that may be holding you back.

A challenge to unleash the potential of your mind, your heart and your soul.

A journey of deep enquiry towards new insight, fresh ideas and lasting, transformational change.

we believe that human connection – with other people, with nature, with purpose and with our own inner life – is what powers us