Who We Are


We are coaches who share so much more than just the word “coach” in the work we do.

We share a desire to have a positive impact on people and planet, to take responsibility for our impact on the world around us.



Heather is on a mission to release the energy bound up in human hearts and souls so we can fulfill more of our potential, transcend conventional operating norms and transform the nature of the way we work. Disillusioned by many years of observing how leadership development was just helping people to survive in a broken system, Heather is now applying her deep interest in the growth of human consciousness to help clients transform their lives and reinvent the system.

A single Mum, a former world medal winning athlete and now a master level coach, Heather prefers to think of herself as a ‘ruthlessly compassionate thinking partner for aspirational humans’ and a ‘student of life.’

Heather is passionate about addressing our current social and ecological challenges through courageous and whole-hearted action. She is active in leading community environmental initiatives in Durham and, alongside Geof, led the Sidewalk Talk listening project in Newcastle.


Geof Ellingham

​Geof’s intention is to help others find new ways to see themselves and their possibilities, and then to accompany them on a journey of discovery. Using stories, metaphors, visualisation, meditation and approaches drawn from psychotherapy, Geof helps clients to answer fundamental personal questions, such as “Who am I?”, “What makes me the person I am?” and “What would I like to have happen?”

Active for many years in diversity and environmental campaigning and advocacy, Geof believes in the transformational potential of human connection and compassion for the benefit of one another and the planet.

Geof is a gay dad, a non-profit director and a leading member of the global agile coaching community. He volunteers as a counsellor and supervisor at the Mindful Therapies Centre in Newcastle and together with Heather led the Sidewalk Talk listening project in the city centre.

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